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September 11, 2018 — By Thierry — In General


It’s been almost 2 years since DeliPress has moved from a simple thought to real projet. Since then a lot has happened for us, but now it’s time to draw some conclusions.

It’s clear now that the project didn’t meet the success we were hoping. With much regrets we took the hard decision to stop further developments.

We learned a lot, we made mistakes but most of all we live a beautiful adventure. But from now on each of the 3 founders will move to different projects.

The reasons for our failure are many. Here are a few: we were in a very crowded space, we had a real lack of marketing skills and our products came a bit late in a market that now needs more and more automation (it was in our next phase). The project was also too big from the start to be maintained effectively by 3 people. And to be consistent and add features with 4 different ESP was a nightmare.

“What will happen to DeliPress?”

In the next realease (1.4) We will remove the premium restrictions, DeliPress will be completely free to use and open-souce. Everyone will now be able to use every functionality for free!

“What if I bought a premium licence?”

We’ll continue to answer any questions or support you have until your licence is up. We won’t add any new features though.

“What’s next for you guys?”

Thomas is now working at the rapidly expanding Weglot.  He is also embarking on a new project called ImageSEO. Thierry is working on different JS projects and he’s taking care of it’s new family. And I’m currently focusing on training and my other projects. So everything will be fine for us!

Last but not least, each of us would like to give a juge thanks to everyone who believed in us and who supported us so far!

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