DeliPress is now available!

September 4, 2017 — By Maxime Bernard-Jacquet — In General


Making a plugin from scratch is a really unique experience. It took us 6 month and 3 people to make it trough here. We know that DeliPress is not perfect yet. There is a lot of features we want to add in the near future (like some stuff for webmarketers for example).

But today we reached a milestone where we are satisfied with our product and ready to launch it to the market !

If you want to try it, search for DeliPress directly in your website WordPress admin > Plugins, you’ll find a free version of DeliPress.

You can purchase it from this website to gain support, updates and enhanced features.

DeliPress is still young! So you may find some bugs. Please reach us if you find one of them and we’ll improve as quick as possible.

You also can follow our adventures on twitter : @delipressio

If you wonder how much it costs to make a plugin, we have an operating costs page.

We hope you like DeliPress and look forward to get some feedback.

Greetings, from France.

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