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September 4, 2017 — By Maxime Bernard-Jacquet — In General

l’équipe se rencontre

Who are we?

We are 3 guys from France (from Lyon and Grenoble, in the Alps) working with WordPress for a while now. We are mainly known in the French and European communities (although we’re mostly involved in the French one because our spoken English is bad !). We have spoken at WordCamps, we have helped organize them, and we’ve handled Meetups in our cities.

Thomas, 25, Lyon

I worked in a French startup called Yurplan, which is a well known event management website in France. I left my job in early 2017 to embark with Maxime into the DeliPress adventure. Hope it will pay off !

Thierry, 28, digital nomad

I ran a web agency with Maxime a while ago in Grenoble. We made WordPress and Woocommerce websites for a large variety of clients and acted as consultants for startups. But I wanted to create my own project so we decided in 2015 to stop our activity and start making our own products, and in 2017 I joigned the DeliPress team.

Maxime, 32, Grenoble

I have been making websites with WordPress since 2009. I’m a huge fan of WordPress. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and make a living from my own projects but I started as a freelancer, then ran an agency with Thierry. As he said, we stopped in 2015 to free our schedule and spend 100% of our time on projects of our own. Today I’m running a few projects such as WPChef (WP courses for rookies), CapitaineWP (WP Courses for developers). I’m also contributing to the French translation of ACF and I organize WordPress Meetups in Grenoble. You can also listen to me talking at some French WordCamps.

Why DeliPress ?

We were not fully satisfied with the existing email marketing / newsletters plugins for WordPress. I struggled a couple of times to build beautiful emails for one of my websites and started to think about an all-in-one plugin solution: an email editor with a visual builder similar to Elementor’s excellent builder, but also with customizable opt-in forms included and easy syncing with third-party email service providers.

When working at the agency we saw a lot of our clients being uncomfortable having to learn how to use the WordPress admin to manage their site and use Mailchimp for their emails, because that meant two completely different interfaces to learn.

So basically the idea was to bring Mailchimp (but also other ESPs) inside of WordPress.

We wanted to challenge ourselves by building a premium WordPress plugin that could compete with some other already existing plugins, and we focused a lot on user experience. There is still a lot of work to do and a long list of new features to add yet, but we’re proud of what we’ve built so far and hope you’ll like DeliPress as much as we do !

So here we go. I hope you’ll enjoy DeliPress. You can try it for free in the WordPress Plugin directory.

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