New Year, new features!

January 18, 2018 — By Maxime Bernard-Jacquet — In New Release


Happy new year 2018 to everybody !

It’s been a wonderful and productive year for us and we have a lot more to do in 2018. We come today with a brand new DeliPress version with a ton of features! We listened to your feedback and we are proud to introduce some of them:


Welcome to SendGrid and SendinBlue

Here they are! You can connect with the four majors ESPs: Mailjet, Mailchimp, SendGrid and SendinBlue from now on DeliPress!

It has been our goal since day one: offer a large choice of ESPs to give you the freedom to choose and change at anytime.


Save and reuse templates

You can now save your campaigns templates and reuse them later. It will save you a lot of time ! Save as many templates as you need and never start from scratch again!

Save current template :


Reuse a saved template :

This feature is only available for premium users.

Improved lists and metadata

We improved the UX in the create/manage lists section. It will be much simpler from now on. You can easily activate WordPress users and WooCommerce customers special lists in one click, and assign the subscribers from the imported CSV file to a new list.

It’s now possible to import and see subscribers metadata without the need to connect to your ESP dashboard.



Opt-Ins : Redirect after subscribe

You can now redirect users to another page after a successful Opt-In subscription. For example you can redirect your freshly acquired subscriber to a thank you page with an ebook to download.

We plan even more behaviors and parameters for our Opt-Ins so you can do whatever you want.

Bugfixes and UX improvments

We chased bugs. A lot of them. In november we tracked, fixed and improved more than 100 issues and improved the general UX a lot.

We made a specific Trello board to keep track of them and keep efficiency at its best.

Under the hood : revamping the ESPs datas sync system

The biggest change is not visible to our users because it happened under the hood but it will  greatly increase the overall stability of the plugin.

We revamped the data synchronization system with the four email service providers to be more efficient and less buggy. We removed more than 5000 lines of obsolete code and gained in simplicity.

Lists and subscribers are not stored anymore on the site : they stay on the ESP. We just use API calls to get what we need when we need it. It leaves us with only one source of truth and datas are more reliable.

It was necessary to reduce the technical debt and be more agile in the future. Thomas worked on this particular point and did an amazing work.

What’s next?

There is still a lot to come! Even if our plugin is still young, we’ll soon dev a brand new version of the emails and Opt-In builders with the latest version of React JS and with a more rock solid base. the goal is to provide a more reliable builders to provide more power and flexibility.

So happy update and stay tuned for the next round ! Thank you for reading !

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