Learn how to use DeliPress in a few steps

Create a campaign

To create a new campaign, go to DeliPress > Campaigns. This screen show all the sent, scheduled and draft campaigns.

Click on the Create a new campaign button on the top left corner.

1. Campaign configuration

In this step you’ll need to give some informations:

  • The campaign name. For internal use only.
  • Campaigne subject : it’s the email title that your subscriber will read first.
  • Recipients : which list will receive the campaign

You can only send to one list at time for now (because of a providers API limitation).

you can create a campaign even if you don't have a list yet but you'll need one (with at least a subscriber) when it's time to send the newsletter.

Then choose if you want to send the campaign once it’s ready, or if you prefer schedule it at a precise date.

Of course the campaign will be sent only when you validate it on the very last step.

How to change the sender email ?

The sender address must be the same as the email used to create your ESP account. You can change it but you’ll need to go to your ESP dashboard and configure the new sender.

2. Choose a template

In the second step, you can choose between your saved templates (only in premium), DeliPress default templates, reuse a previous campaign email or start from scratch.


3. Compose your newsletter

Our biggest pride is here: the DeliPress email builder.

We took inspiration from the best page builders to provide an easy-to-use tool so that you can create beautiful and customized emails in no time.

Drag’n’drop components on the left. Then customize your newsletter with a lot of options. You can also import WP posts and WooCommerce products.

No need to save: all changes are automatically saved in real time.

You can create sections with 1 to 4 columns to improve your layout.

Choose a layout and drag it in your email. Then drag some components inside the columns.

DeliPress uses MJML open source library to generate responsive emails compatible with the vast majority of emails apps.

Learn more about the MJML project.

Campaign preview

You can preview your campaign on mobile, tablet and desktop by clicking the Preview campaign button on the top right corner.

Fullscreen mode

In order to take full advantage of your screen, you can activate the fullscreen mode, which hides the WordPress interface and give you more space to edit your newsletter.

4. Check, test, send!

In the last step you can review your campaigns parameters before sending it into the wild.


You can send a test email prior to send the campaign in order to check a last time if everything is okay.

If everything is fine, you can hit the Send/Schedule Campaign button.



If you have a free Mailjet account, you'll be able to send only 200 emails per day.Si vous avez un compte Mailjet gratuit, l'envoi est limité à 200 emails par jour. You can bypass this limit by taking a paying account starting only at 5$ per month for 30000 emails.

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