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Why do I need an email service provider (ESP)?

You cannot send campaigns directly from your hosting server, instead we offer you to connect with some of the best Email Services Providers

1. What is an Email Service Provider (Aka ESP) ?

An Email Service Provider is a web based service which allows you to send massive amount of emails with the guarantee the’ll reach their recipient, avoiding spam folders.

DeliPress is compatible with these 4 majors ESP:

If you're already use Mailchimp in the past for example, no need to create a new account. DeliPress will connect to your account via an API key and will retrieve your lists and subscribers.

2. Why do I need an ESP with DeliPress ?

Some of our competitors allow sending mails directly from your hosting server but it’s a very bad practice because they are not meant to send so much emails.

Some hosting will block email sending when you reach a daily limit (without telling you by the way)

Moreover, your hosting may not have the minimum requirements to send massive emails, like DKIM authentification, so your emails may easily finish in the recipient spam folder.

That’s why you need to use an ESP, to ensure a great deliverability to your campaigns.

ESPs can send a lot of mails in minutes. So everyone from your list will receive the campaign at the right time, and not hours (or days) later.

Free plans

Most of the ESP have a free plan to begin with. You’ll be able to try some of them without paying anything.

For example Mailjet offers you 6000 email per month (but only 200 per day maximum).

Mailchimp stays free until your reach 2000 subscribers.

So using an ESP is the right way to an efficient email marketing and avoiding spam folders or deliverability issues.

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