Learn how to use DeliPress in a few steps

Activate and manage licences

1. What features are provided with DeliPress Premium?

DeliPress is a free plugin with a premium version providing a lot of advanced features:

  • Import posts and WooCommerce products in your newsletters
  • Save and reuse templates across campaigns
  • More Opt-Ins forms and behaviors
  • Dynamic lists with criterias
  • Opt-Ins and Campaigns stats
  • Premium support

Learn more on features page.

2. Activate your DeliPress licence

Go to DeliPress > Settings and paste the licence you received by email just after your DeliPress purchase then click on Activate Licence.

The premium features are now unlocked!

3. How to manage my licence keys?

You can find anytime your licence key, invoice and manage active websites from your account on this website. Simply click on My account on the top menu.

Your username is the email address provided on the checkout page.

Click on See Licences to see your licence number. Then click on Manage websites.

You can activate a website from here. But it’s more practical to do it from your website.

You can deactivate a licence from here.

4. What’s happen if I don’t renew my licence?

The plugin will still work but the premium features will be locked. You’ll only have access to a standard support. You’ll be still able to get the plugin updates.

You can renew anytime, even after expiration to unlock all the features again.

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