Learn how to use DeliPress in a few steps

DeliPress Configuration

There is 2 ways to configure DeliPress : with the wizard or with the settings;

1. Setup wizard

Once DeliPress installed and activated, you should see the DeliPress menu on the left.

Go in the submenu Setup Wizard to configure the plugin. You should see a page which presents the plugin main features.


Than click on Start Configuration in the upper area.

The wizard help you configure the plugin’s necessary steps in order to take full advantage of DeliPress. The main purpose is to configure your email service provider (ESP).

1.1 Configure an Email Service Provider (ESP)

Choose your favorite ESP in this first step.


You must have an account from one of the four ESP provided in DeliPress in order to send your campaigns.

Here are the four available ESP compatibles with our plugin:

Each of them offer free plans.

Standard hosting are not meant to send massive amounts of emails. Even if DeliPress competitor offer this feature, it’s not considered as a good practice.

Discover why you must choose an ESP to send your campaigns.

You don't know which one to choose? You should try Mailjet because they have cheap plans while being reliable.

1.3 And now?

DeliPress is now ready! Your lists will be automatically retrieved. You can create a new list anytime or import a CSV file.

You can now create your first campaign and send it to your subscribers.

Or create an Opt-In form to convert your visitors into subscribers. You can fully customize the look and feel and behaviors.

2. Configuration without wizard

You can do without the wizard and go directly in DeliPress > Settings. All you have to do is to configure an ESP.

2.1 Configuration

From the Settings section just choose you ESP and enter the API key.


You must have at least one list with one subscriber to send a campaign. Don't forget to create one if you don't have any.

2.3 Remove the Setup Wizard entry from menu

You can remove the setup wizard from the DeliPress menu. Go to Settings > others and uncheck Show Wizard.

You can show the wizard anytime by checking this box again.

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