Learn how to use DeliPress in a few steps

Create lists

1. Create a new list

In DeliPress > Lists > Add a new list, you can create a simple list, a dynamic list from criterias, or special lists retrieving your WordPress users or WordPress customer automatically. You can also import subscribers from a CSV file.

To add a new simple list, click on New empty list.

Give it a name like “subscribed from site” ou “customers” and confirm. You will be redirect to the lists screen:

Your new list is automatically synced with your Email Service Provider.

You can add a new subscriber manually by clicking on the right menu Add a subscriber.

You can also import a subscriber CSV list from another service or plugin.

Special lists

Special lists are very practicals, they allow you to get all your WordPress users in one list, and the same thing ca happen for your WooCommerce customers.

You can activate these lists in one click. These lists are only available in premium version of DeliPress.


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