Learn how to use DeliPress in a few steps

Import list from CSV file

DeliPress allows you to import a subscribers list from a CSV file.

This is very practical to import your old lists from an incompatible email service provider or from another plugin like MailPoet.

To import subscribers in an existing list:

To do so go in DeliPress > Lists and click on Import CSV on top right corner.

To import subscribers in a new list:

You can also import your CSV file in a new list. To do that click on DeliPress > Lists > Add a new list and choose Import CSV.


In either cases, select the file to upload on your computer, choose the separator (most of the time leave the default value) and confirm that you got this list legally.

Then DeliPress will analyse your file and ask you to assign values found:

In the left row you can see the exctracted datas. Use the right row to assign an entry to a DeliPress value (email, name) or create a new metadata which can be used in dynamic lists.

You must at least assign the email field

You can ignore the fields you don’t want to keep.

Confirm. The import can take a few minutes according to the number of subscribers to import.

Subscribers will be added to your list and synced with your ESP.

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