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Contact Form 7

This Opt-In is only available in the premium version.

Configure CF7 Opt-In

To use DeliPress with Contact form 7, you need first to create an Opt-In on DeliPress.

Give it a name and choose one or more lists.

Then, if contact form 7 plugin is activated, you’ll see the CF7 block in third party list.

Confirm. There is no design step. your Opt-In is almost ready, but you need to go now in Contact Form 7 to continue.


Add my Opt-In on a CF7 form

Go to Contact Form 7 end edit your form. You’ll find an Opt-In DeliPress button:

Then choose the Opt-In to associate with:

Once selected, DeliPress add the shortcode generating the checkbox. You can put it anywhere you want in your form.

One required field : email

In order to register your subscribers, you need to set up the email field DeliPress needs to check.

To do so add the special attributes to your current fields:

  • delipress-email  (Required)
  • delipress-first_name
  • delipress-last_name

Example :

[email* delipress-email]

With first name:

<label> Your name (mandatory)
    [text* delipress-first_name] </label>

Change the checkbox label

You can change the checkbox label by adding a string between quotes at the end of the shortcode:


[delipress_checkbox delipress-optin:89 "Subscribe to newsletter"]

Full example :


<label> Your name (mandatory)
    [text* delipress-first_name] </label>

<label> Your email (mandatory)
    [email* delipress-email] </label>

<label> Subject
    [text your-subject] </label>

<label> Your message
    [textarea your-message] </label>

[delipress_checkbox delipress-optin:89 "Subscribe to newsletter"]

[submit "Send"]

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