Learn how to use DeliPress in a few steps

Create an Opt-In form

Opt-Ins forms are meant to provide the opportunity for your visitors to subscribe to the newsletters. DeliPress offers many Opt-Ins than you can customize and define its behavior.

Some of them are only available in the premium version of DeliPress. The Premium version also comes with statistics to help you improve your conversion.

1. Create an Opt-In form

Go to DeliPress > Opt-In Forms then click on Add on Opt-In.

Give it a name and choose the lists where will go the subscribers. You’ll need to assign at least one list to activate the Opt-In.

Then choose the Opt-In form type:

Each Opt-In is more suitable in a particular situation. Try them all and make your own opinion on which one could be the more efficient.

Don't display too many Opt-Ins at the same time. You could frustrate your visitors and the'll never come back.

2. Customize the Opt-In

Once choosen, confirm and you’ll be able to customize your form. You’ll see the same user interface than the email builder.

Customize texts, font ans colors at will. You can also customize the confirmation message by clicking on Opt-In status : Success.

3. Configure behavior

For some form types, a third step allows you to setup the form behavior. For example, you can define when the popup should appear and at what frequency : when scrolling, after a while, when the visitor is about to leave the page (exit intent)…

It is possible to choose on what page should the form appear, or on which it should be excluded

Deactivate a form (without deleting it)

It’s possible to deactivate a form without deleteing it. Juste go to DeliPress > Opt-In forms and click on the form you want to deactivate. Then uncheck Active on website on the first step.

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