Learn how to use DeliPress in a few steps

GDPR Compliancy

The DeliPress 1.3.9 Update bring the necessary measures to be GDPR compliant.

About Opt-Ins forms

To be GDPR compliant, you just need to activate the corresponding option in the customization step:

GDRP Compliancy with DeliPress

Check the box and a customizable text will appear with a link to the privacy policy page. You can manage this page in WordPress > Settings > Privacy.

Is it possible to ask several consents in one Opt-In?

For now it’s not possible. DeliPress doesn’t has an option to let you add several checkboxes to ask constents (for example, newsletter + third party commercial offers).

DeliPress doesn’t store user personal datas on your website.

User relative datas are directly stored on your email service provider (ESP) servers. We advise to add a link to their privacy policy page in yours.

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