Learn how to use DeliPress in a few steps

Insert shortcode Opt-In in a theme or page builder

You want to display your Opt-In form in the middle of a page? The Opt-In form shortcode was built for this very purpose. It works perfectly with every themes like Divi, Salient, and even with the page builders like Beaver Builder or Elementor.

The Opt-In Shortcode is different from the others because you can put it anywhere you want in a page or article. A shortcode is a special code between brackets than you put in your content to be interpreted by WordPress on front.


Here is an example:

To paste in the visual editor
[delipress_optin id="467"]

When you create a Shortcode Opt-In you can find the code in the main Opt-Ins list in DeliPress > Opt-Ins forms:

Click on Copy to get the code. then paste it on the WordPress editor or in a page builder, where you want to display it.

In this example, shortcode has been pasted in the Divi page builder text module.

For the developers

Put the Opt-In in a PHP page

You can put an Opt-In in any PHP template by using this WordPress core function:

single.php (for example)
<?php echo do_shortcode('[delipress_optin id="467"]'); ?>

Remove default CSS styles

As developer, we know that sometimes you need a full control of the styles to fit the website branding. That’s why you can activate the nude Opt-In, without any style.

From the Opt-In customizer, hit the Custom CSS tab and activate the no CSS styles option.

Activez alors l’option Sans styles CSS présent dans l’onglet CSS personnalisé.

You can edit you custom CSS from here, or in your own theme files.

You can also create your own Opt-In and use the delipress_create_subscriber_on_list hook to add a subscriber.

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